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August 18, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

WWE and FOX Sports Mexico offer new Spanish-language program

WWE is teaming with FOX Sports Mexico on a new weekly Spanish-language show.

The new “WWE Saturday Night” debuted on Sept. 2 on FOX Sports 2 with FOX Sports Mexico broadcasters Verónica Rodríguez and Jimena Sánchez as its hosts. The program offers interviews with WWE icons while providing what the Stamford-based media company described as “a unique, localized WWE experience” for Latin American viewers. The new show is also available on-demand through the FOX app to FOX Sports subscribers.

“We are excited to partner with FOX Sports Mexico to deliver new, localized content throughout the region and expand our reach,” said Joaquin Del Rivero, WWE vice president and general manager for Latin America. “’WWE Saturday’ Night offers a premier destination for FOX Sports Latin America’s viewers to enjoy WWE’s blend of action-packed, family-friendly entertainment.”