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September 17, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

Hexcel, French firm team up in thermoplastic composite solutions for aerospace

Stamford-based Hexcel and French firm Arkema have signed a strategic alliance to develop thermoplastic composite solutions for the aerospace sector.

Production of lightweight parts for future generations of aircraft is a major aim of the partnership. The companies said that carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastic tapes will help them achieve the lighter weights.

In addition to lightweighting, the new composites are designed to provide lower cost and faster production speeds for customers in the aerospace and the space and defense sectors. As part of the partnership, a joint research and development laboratory will be established in France.

Nick Stanage, chairman and CEO of Hexcel said, “With this opportunity and our recent acquisition of the aerospace and defense business of Oxford Performance Materials, Hexcel is quickly becoming an industry leader in advanced composite thermoplastic technologies.”