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October 16, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

Danbury debuts website to promote bond sales

The City of Danbury has launched a website to encourage investor interest in its ongoing $39 million sale of bonds and notes. went online to promote a sale that began July 10 and is scheduled to close on July 18. The sale is divided between $23.5 million in bond anticipation notes and $15.5 million of general obligation bonds.

The website features the city’s budgets going back to fiscal year 2014, current bond ratings and updates on infrastructure projects. It also includes a message from Danbury Director of Finance David W. St. Hilaire, who stressed a mission of fiscal responsibility.

“The overall mission for the Finance Division is to ensure that the city continues to meet its budgetary and operational goals/objectives in the most cost-efficient and effective manner,” said St. Hilaire on the website. “Our goal is to keep tax rates as low and affordable as possible, so we strive for continuous improvement and seek out efficiencies wherever possible.”