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October 19, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

Ray Dalio’s hedge fund makes $22B in short bets against Europe

Ray Dalio’s Westport-based hedge fund Bridgewater Associates is not keen on Europe, to the point of making a total short bet of $22 billion against some of the continent’s major corporations.

Ray Dalio

According to a Business Insider analysis of a quarterly 13F document filed by the company on Wednesday, Bridgewater’s largest short bets included $1.03 billion against Unilever, $1.01 billion against Total, $970 million against Siemens, $925.2 million against SAP, $872.2 million against Alllianz, $780 million against Daimler and $339.1 million against Adidas.

Dalio made no public comment on his hedge fund’s short bets nor did he offer any opinion on the near-future of the European economy. However, in a LinkedIn blog posting from earlier in the week, he offered a pessimistic consideration of general economic trends.

“Recent spurts in stimulations, growth, and wage numbers signaled that the cycle is a bit ahead of where I thought it was,” Dalio wrote. “Frankly, it seems to be inappropriate oversight to not be talking about the chances of a recession and what that recession might look like prior to the next election.”