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September 23, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

AuraGlow debuts tool offering digital preview of whiter teeth

AuraGlow, a Stamford-based direct-to-consumer oral care brand, has introduced the Virtual Teeth Whitening, a free digital tool that enables people to see what their teeth could look like using the company’s teeth-whitening products.

The tool uses facial-recognition technology to determine if a still photograph or a person using the tool in real time via a webcam contains a smile that displays teeth. Once this is determined, the tool applies an algorithm to digitally whiten the teeth while maintaining the same texture, shape and structure of the teeth. The tool works with both an individual’s smile and with multiple faces in a photograph.

“Most people don’t realize how discolored their teeth have become from everyday eating and drinking, and the goal was to create an experience that would allow you to see a before and after photo of your smile as if you had used one of our teeth whitening products,” said Michael Parker, AuraGlow’s head of marketing. “We worked to create a seamless experience so that no downloads are required and everything takes place right in the web browser, immediately providing users with a before and after photo of their smile.”