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September 18, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

Sacred Heart University debuts computer engineering degree

Sacred Heart University is now offering a computer engineering degree as part of its computer science curriculum.

The first course, “Engineering Explorations,” is being offered to freshmen as an introduction to the Fairfield-based school’s four-year computer engineering degree. Tolga Kaya, associate professor in the School of Computing in Sacred Heart’s College of Arts & Sciences, is leading the class. In the spring, Kaya’s students will take “Engineering Explorations II,” in which they will demonstrate all they learned in the introductory class.

Separately, Sacred Heart also announced partnerships with Rochester Polytechnic Institute and Columbia University to provide a dual-degree opportunity, with students earning a liberal arts degree from Sacred Heart and an engineering degree through one of the other schools. Sacred Heart is planning an innovation lab for the new West Campus, the former General Electric corporate headquarters, that will be ready by the fall 2018 semester.