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September 22, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

Danbury’s FuellCell Energy makes deal with U.K. power company

Danbury’s FuelCell Energy has entered into a contract with Drax Power Station in the United Kingdom for an application of the company’s carbon-capture solution.

FuelCell Energy will be supporting Drax with a Front End Engineering and Design study evaluating the use of the company’s propriety carbonate fuel cells to capture carbon dioxide emissions from Drax’s biomass boilers.

Drax Power Station is the largest single-site renewable power generator in the U.K. Located near Selby, North Yorkshire, it has a capacity of more than 3,900 megawatts of renewable power generation, primarily from sustainable wood pellets sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Carbon dioxide linked to the carbon cycle of forests is considered carbon neutral; therefore, the company said, carbon capture employed at the project would make the power station carbon-negative.

FuelCell Energy’s carbon-capture technology is based on its proprietary carbonate fuel cell power plants, which are able to concentrate CO2 from dilute flue gas streams as a side reaction during power generation. The concentrated CO2 is then available for sequestration or utilization; Drax plans to use the CO2 captured within a greenhouse abutting the power station.