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October 16, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

Wilton’s Toluna rolls out media and entertainment industries practice

Toluna, a Wilton-based platform provider of consumer intelligence and insights, has launched a specialized practice focused on the media and entertainment industries.

The company debuted the new practice noting several problems in tracking digital media usage with traditional measurement metrics. Nick Langeveld, managing director of Toluna North America, observed: “The rise of streaming platforms presents a whole new challenge for the entertainment industry. Consumers are engaged with content but it’s hard to know the true audience reach. Insights on demand, specialist panels and behavioral data can bridge the gap and provide new confidence in knowing how to invest marketing budgets.”

A non-typical digital media consumer. Photo courtesy Will Brenner.

The company will roll out the new practice during an Oct. 16 webinar, “Understand the New Shopping Experience,” which it will co-host with Adweek and Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. It will also be a part of the “Tracking Behavioral & Survey Data to Predict Entertainment Consumption” presentation in conjunction with Warner Bros. from Nov. 5-7 at The Market Research Event in Las Vegas.