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September 16, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

WWE fires exec over wife’s Alt-Right Twitter account

Stamford-based WWE has fired Sal Siino, senior vice president of global content distribution and business development, after being alerted by a Huffington Post writer that Siino’s wife is the author of the controversial @AmyMek account on Twitter, which has gained notoriety for its anti-Muslim messaging and its enthusiastic espousal of Alt-Right politics and support of white nationalist figures.

Credit: Sal Siino’s Twitter portrait

According to the May 31 article “Trump’s Loudest Anti-Muslim Twitter Troll Is A Shady Vegan Married To An (Ousted) WWE Exec,” writer Luke O’Brien identified Amy Mekelburg as the source of @AmyMek, which first appeared on Twitter five years ago and has since amassed 229,000 followers reading her daily stream of extremist political commentary and links to Alt-Right online media. The article stated that Mekelberg does not have a full-time job and lives with her husband in Fishkill, New York.

However, O’Brien wrote that Mekelburg stated WWE was aware of Siino’s marriage to the woman behind @AmyMek and “had asked Siino to keep his connection to his wife quiet.” O’Brien twice contacted WWE directly to determine if the company was aware of the Siino-@AmyMek connection prior to Siino’s being hired in February 2017, and was initially told the company was unaware. But on his second contact, O’Brien wrote that an unnamed WWE spokesperson responded, “Now that it has come to our attention, Sal Siino is no longer an employee.”

O’Brien noted the irony of Mekelburg’s anti-Islamic tweets while Siino “was negotiating TV deals in the United Arab Emirates.” Although O’Brien stated that Siino was aware of his wife’s Twitter account, he did not offer evidence that Siino was involved in creating the @AmyMek Twitter messaging.

O’Brien also claimed that President Donald Trump “promoted” the @AmyTek account on Twitter. During the summer of 2015, Trump acknowledged two complimentary tweets by @AmyMek related to his nascent presidential campaign, but has made no online or real-life mention of Mekelburg’s Twitter account since then, nor has he actively promoted the account to his base.

While neither WWE nor Siino publicly commented on what transpired, Mekelburg responded on @AmyMek by accusing O’Brien of being a stalker and “viciously harassing me, my husband and my loved ones for having an opinion different than his, and supporting @realdonaldtrump.” She added that “O’Brien went so far as to contact my husband’s employer and had him fired because of MY OPINIONS and my fight for Jews to exist. My husband was wrongfully fired & discriminated against based on nothing he said, but the fact that his wife stood up against oppression, discrimination, honor killings, female genital mutilations, etc.”

While some fans of @AmyMek offered her sympathy and called for retribution against O’Brien, the writer used his Twitter channel to respond to his critics with a simple response: “Get stuffed, fascists.”