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October 15, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

Bridgeport disciplines four Public Facilities workers for mishandling of funds

The city of Bridgeport has taken disciplinary action against four of its employees, including Director of Public Facilities John Ricci and Deputy Director of Public Facilities Jose Tiago, for mishandling of funds related to the sale of scrap metal.

The move is the latest chapter in a story that began last fall, when the city council was made aware that employees working under Ricci and Tiago had sold over $25,000 worth of scrap metal over two years and using the profits for a secret petty cash fund.

Mayor Joe Ganim announced that Ricci will forfeit the equivalent of four weeks of pay –two weeks of employment salary as well as two weeks of vacation time. What measures will be taken against Tiago and the other two unnamed employees have yet to be determined.

“These disciplinary measures have no ramification on any criminal investigation that is moving forward,” said Ganim. “As I stated a month ago when we first learned of the possible mishandlings of monies, any employee found in violation will be subject to immediate disciplinary action.”

As a result of the incident, Ganim said his administration is in the process of restructuring a number of functions related to the duties and responsibilities of Public Facilities in coordination with Bridgeport’s Financing and Purchasing Departments.