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September 18, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

Connecticut and New York ranked among worst states for drivers

Drivers in Connecticut and New York who feel somewhat uncomfortable on the local roads are not being paranoid. According to Bankrate’s 2018 Best States for Drivers Study, the two states ranked among the worst for drivers.

In measuring driver safety, Bankrate number crunched seven metrics related to cost, safety and driving quality including commute time information, traffic fatality data, road condition reports and gas prices. California ranked as the worst state for drivers, followed by Hawaii. Connecticut ranked third and New York ranked ninth. At the other end of the spectrum, North Dakota was named the best state for drivers.

“Owning a vehicle impacts budgets differently depending on where a person lives,” said Adrian Garcia, data reporter for Bankrate. “Long waits and poor maintained roads cost drivers more time and money in addition to the expenses they already incur from regular maintenance of their vehicles, experts say.”