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September 22, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

Danbury’s Hamar unveils two new spindle alignment lasers

Hamar Laser Instruments Inc. has rolled out a pair of new spindle alignment lasers for highly accurate and fast alignment of lathes, turning centers and other machinery.

The L-702 Spindle Alignment Laser is a straight-line laser for spindle alignments in lathes, turning centers, OD grinders, slant-bed lathes and transfer-line and rotary-dial machines. The L-702SP Spindle Alignment Laser with Scan Plane adds a perpendicular scan plane to the L-702 spindle laser beam for checking cross-slide, turret axis squareness and other milling axes in multiaxis, mill-turn machines.

“We wanted to add a compact squareness-checking capability to our spindle lasers, so we redesigned our field-tested L-700 Spindle Laser and brought out the L-702 and L-702SP Spindle Lasers,” said Rod Hamar, president of the Danbury-based firm, who claimed Hamar’s lasers are up to 70 percent faster than conventional methods.