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September 16, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

Diageo debuts Baileys Original Irish Cream-flavored baking chips

Chocolate chip cookies are about to taste a bit more grown up, with a new line of Baileys Original Irish Cream flavored baking chips being produced by Diageo North America and Clabber Girl Corp., the manufacturer of Clabber Girl Baking Powder.

The baking chips are made from semisweet chocolate and flavored with the original Baileys Irish cream liqueur, which mixes Irish dairy cream, Irish whiskey, cocoa and vanilla. Norwalk-based Diageo, which owns the Baileys brand, promises that the chips will deliver on the flavor and smell of their product but not the intoxicating nature – the chips are nonalcoholic.

The new product release is accompanied with a digital cookbook featuring 23 recipes that incorporate the baking chips into the ingredient lineups. The baking chips will be available in limited retail distribution for the holiday season and will be available via Amazon, with a full national in-store release planned for next Easter.

“Clabber Girl has been a trusted partner and friend to bakers and home cooks for more than 150 years,” said Gary Morris, president and chief operating officer at Terre Haute, Indiana-based Clabber Girl. “We are thrilled to entrust our relationships with these valued customers with Baileys and are extremely proud of what we together have created.”