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October 14, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

Information Services Group introduces blockchain product

Information Services Group (ISG) has created ISG Blockchain Now, an advisory and sourcing product designed to improve business process efficiencies through distributed ledger technology.

According to the Stamford-headquartered company, the ISG Blockchain Now product will help companies leverage blockchain technology for upgrading legacy technology while strengthening data security. The product includes strategy and use-case design, prototype blueprinting, investment case development, implementation and continuous research and development. ISG is offering the product in a three-phased approach: Blockchain 1.0 (technology ready) prepares organizations to use the technology; Blockchain 2.0 (value ready) establishes the business processes that can be enhanced with blockchain; and Blockchain 3.0 (business ready) develops, deploys and operationalizes blockchain applications across the business.

“Blockchain is demonstrating its practical application now within enterprises,” said Michael P. Connors, chairman and CEO of ISG. “As the technology matures, it has the potential to be the next internet, a decentralized system that will dramatically disrupt all supply chain processes and commercial transactions.”