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August 18, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

Sema4 partners with PWNHealth on consumer genetic testing

Sema4, a Stamford-based health information company providing advanced genomic testing, is teaming with San Diego-based PWNHealth, a network of physicians and genetic counselors, in a new endeavor that will enable nationwide genetic testing for consumers.

Photo courtesy Sema4.

In this partnership, PWNHealth will provide physician oversight for Sema4’s CarrierCheck, a carrier test that screens for 67 inherited conditions. PWNHealth’s network of genetic counselors will be available to help consumers that buy CarrierCheck understand the results of their tests.

“PWN’s expert clinical team supports our ambition to expand the pathways for consumers to engage in safe, convenient and accessible genetic testing and genetic counseling,” Sema4 CEO Eric Schadt said. “We plan to partner with PWNHealth on additional genetic testing products in the near future, helping consumers and their families to make informed health care choices.”