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October 19, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

Sikorsky in new pact to offer on-demand flights in NYC metro area

Sikorsky, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Associated Aircraft Group (AAG), is teaming with aviation company Fly Blade Inc. to offer a new on-demand helicopter transportation service for the New York City metro area.

Photo courtesy of Sikorsky / Lockheed Martin

In this service, AAG will provide and operate a dedicated S-76C+ helicopter, which will be flown and maintained by Sikorsky pilots and maintenance technicians. The new partnership will also include the creation of a working group to explore how AAG can best leverage Fly Blade’s consumer, cockpit and operator technology platform.

“As a leader in vertical flight, Sikorsky is always looking to explore new market opportunities,” said Audrey Brady, vice president of commercial systems and services at Stratford-based Sikorsky. “Vertical lift becomes increasingly important as cities grow, and this relationship allows us to gain critical insights to emerging needs in that space.”