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September 22, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

Wilton restaurateur Tim LaBant to open pizza eatery

Tim LaBant, chef and owner of The Schoolhouse at Cannondale in Wilton, plans to open a second restaurant in the town early next year: a pizza eatery named Parlor.

Tim LaBant. Photo courtesy The Schoolhouse at Cannondale/Facebook

The new restaurant will be at 5 River Road in the Wilton River Park Shopping Center. Lenny Pisani, the sous chef at Schoolhouse, will be the executive chef at Parlor, which is being targeted as a 32-seat establishment with a wood-burning brick pizza oven and a bar. An opening date has not been set, but LaBant is aiming for either January or February.

And why is LaBant giving Connecticut another pizza eatery? In an interview with Good Morning Wilton, LaBant stated that he wanted to create a retro environment for this beloved comfort food.
“I think there’s something humble about an old school pizza parlor,” said LaBant, who also runs a catering business in Wilton. “Look at like a place like Pepe’s, something that’s just got linoleum everywhere. It’s got an amazing product and they’re packed all the time for a reason, because their product is great, and they care about one thing – pizza, and the people that are there.”