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September 23, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

Trumbull mall’s proposed zoning change to allow residences up for review

The Westfield Trumbull mall’s unusual request for a zoning change that would allow it to build 290 apartments on its 76-acre site will be discussed at tonight’s meeting of the Trumbull Planning & Zoning Commission.

Residents may attend the meeting and speak to the proposal or submit comments in writing. In addition, the public hearing will be kept open into August “to ensure broad opportunity for input,” according to Trumbull First Selectman Vicki Tesoro.

Tesoro issued a statement in May raising concerns about the Westfield plan, which had originally been for 580 units on the mall’s property at 5065 Main St.

“Since my initial statement, we have had several detailed meetings with the mall to share ideas and address an extensive list of concerns, many of which have been voiced by our residents,” Tesoro said. “We have asked the mall to consider a number of changes to their proposal, and we have asked for more information and details on a wide range of issues related to the request for a zone change.”

According to a Westfield statement, “By broadening development opportunities available to Westfield, the property can far exceed its current economic contribution to Trumbull, while also bringing new, exciting offerings to the town. This would include residential developments that were previously not possible, without deviation from current regulations.”

Tesoro said that one of her primary concerns is to retain Trumbull’s character. “The more Trumbull can control our own destiny, the better we are for it,” she said, noting that the mall is the town’s largest taxpayer, “and its success is a shared goal.”

The Westfield property is assessed at more than $209 million and appraised at about $299 million.