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September 20, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

Westport creates Real Property Committee

First Selectman Jim Marpe

Westport First Selectman Jim Marpe has established a new committee to “investigate opportunities and options” regarding property acquisition and disposal.

Westport’s new Real Property Committee will advise the town on the disposal and the purchase, lease and other acquisition of real property for open space, recreational uses, municipal facilities, public rights of way, conservation and investment, Marpe explained.

“The Real Property Committee will expand on the mission of the Land Acquisition Committee which was established by former First Selectwoman Diane Farrell in the 1990s,” he said. “The Real Property Committee members will review and keep abreast of the current real estate market, as well as investigate opportunities and options that may be presented to boards and commissions for possible action, which will ultimately benefit the town.”

The committee members appointed by Marpe include Board of Finance member Iain Bruce, Westport Transit Director Martin A. Fox, and attorney and Third Selectman Helen Garten.