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September 22, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

Work Well Win launches first collaborative workspace in Greenwich

Photo by Connor G Smith.

Work Well Win, a start-up company offering collaborative workspaces for remote business professionals, has opened its first location at 330 Railroad Ave. in Greenwich, which will also serve as its first headquarters.

Founded by Frank Bistrian, former head of domestic development for collaborative workspace company WeWork, the new endeavor has eight locations in development across the U.S. and has announced a goal of launching 90 spaces over the next five years. Work Well Win is developing its spaces to enhance individual wellness and will offer purified air and water, optimal natural light, ergonomic furniture and standing desks, and fruit-infused water. And in a retro twist, the spaces will also include private phone booths for those who don’t wish to take their calls outside.

“We know that wellness impacts and influences productivity, engagement and health,” said Bistrian, who is also the company’s chief executive. “There is a growing demand for wellness-oriented amenities incorporated into a workspace environment. We infuse wellness into both the design and operations of all our spaces and are the first co-working solution that provides companies an unparalleled professional wellness environment from which to scale.”