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October 20, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

WWE posts details about leases in Fairfield County and other locales

WWE wrestler and executive vice president of talent, live and events and creative Triple H.

Stamford’s WWE has disclosed details of its various leases around the country and overseas, which includes a number of properties in Stamford and Norwalk.

In an SEC filing, the firm stated: “We have executive offices, television and music recording studios, post-production operations and warehouses at locations in or near Stamford, Connecticut. We also have sales offices in New York, Orlando, Atlanta and Chicago and have international offices in London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Mumbai, Munich, Mexico, Singapore, and Dubai. We own three buildings in which our executive and administrative offices, our television and music recording studios and our production operations are located. We lease space for our sales offices, performance centers, WWE Studios office and other facilities.”

In Stamford, in addition to the 94,200-square-foot corporate office space and 154,500-square-foot production facilities, office and warehouse space that it owns, WWE has a lease for another 53,500 square feet of corporate office space through May 2023.

In Norwalk, its lease for 121,500 square feet of warehouse space runs through January 2020.

In addition, the company’s lease for the 54,200 square foot WWE Performance Center and warehouse space in Orlando, Florida runs through November 2020. The lease for its 17,300-square-foot U.K. Performance Center in London, which opened last month, runs through July 2028.

The 13,200-square-foot WWE Studios office in Los Angeles is leased through April 2020, while sales offices in various locations totaling 26,900 square feet are leased through December 2026.