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October 19, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

Diageo’s Crown Royal launches ‘Water Break’ marketing campaign

Crown Royal, the Canadian whisky brand from Norwalk-based Diageo, is launching an advertising campaign called “The Water Break” to reinforce the value of hydrating between alcohol consumption periods.

Taking a cue from the water breaks used in football games, the new campaign will debut this evening in a 30-second commercial set to air during the National Football League’s season opener. The advertisement will feature a referee signaling a time out for a Crown Royal Water Break, at which point fans watching the game will consume glasses of water between their alcoholic intake. The campaign will also include event marketing in select cities with football icons Brian Westbrook, DeMarcus Ware and Ed Reed, along with the free distribution of tens of thousands of gallons of water in stadiums and bars.

“Crown Royal is taking responsible drinking to the next level with an initiative that’s more than just a message; we are looking to change behaviors and ultimately make a positive social impact,” said Sophie Kelly, senior vice president of North American Whisk(e)ys at Diageo. “Simply put, the Crown Royal Water Break reminds sports fans to not ruin the game day celebrations for everyone else by overconsuming.”