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October 16, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

Cleaning up during the cleanup

The chiropractic cleanup team. Behind the volunteer sign, Lon Hofstein (left) and Michael Cocilovo. Gil Rodriguez is on the far right holding the youngster.

When you volunteer to do a good thing by cleaning up trash along a road you don’t expect to be rewarded by finding a fortune. After all, doing a good thing is reward enough. Nevertheless, the $50 they found certainly seemed like a fortune to the children who participated in a cleanup along Route 304 in New City as part of the Keep Rockland Beautiful campaign on Earth Day. They found the money while helping beautify the area between Tucker Road and Third Avenue. The cash was scattered along a fence and it was divided among the children.

The cleanup effort was organized by New City Chiropractic Center to honor its 30th anniversary. The team was led by Drs. Michael Cocilovo and Gil Rodriguez. It included Rockland County Legislator Lon Hofstein and five adult patients and four children.