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October 15, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

Derby Day at CPW

When you say “it’s Derby Day,” people automatically think you’re talking about Louisville, Kentucky, on May 5 when the Kentucky Derby will attract a worldwide following. But, they’d be wrong because April 13 was Derby Day, at least in Rye Brook where the Pinewood Derby took place at Cerebral Palsy of Westchester (CPW) for the sixth consecutive year.

The event was staged with the involvement of the Mid-Westchester Elks and Boy Scouts of America. For the fourth year, Girl Scouts Troop 1902 participated. The Boy and Girl Scouts spent about a month building and decorating their cars. Medals were awarded to the winners of various races on the Pinewood Derby Track at CPW.

The first Pinewood Derby was held in 1953. A write-up in the October 1954 issue of Boys’ Life magazine spread the word and helped establish it as an enduring event in the world of scouting.