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October 16, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

Expressing emotion in art

Candle Aura, acrylic, 30×24, Virginia Donovan.

RiverWinds Gallery in Beacon is presenting a series of paintings by Virginia Donovan called “Inner Sense.” In the work, Donovan presents emotionally charged paintings of drama and grace bringing forth intuitive realizations. 

New York City art critic Anne Rudder examined Donovan’s technique, stating, “This process of repeated addition and subtraction of pigment from the canvas surfaces, through slashing stokes of palette knives, allows Donovan’s forceful feelings resonate with the viewer, providing images that are at the same time miraculously meditative.”  

Rudder said of Donovan’s painting “Candle Aura,” “One can see a flicker of light arising from the canvas surface as the artist builds her piece through physical deformation of the image.”

Donovan’s paintings are on exhibit through April 8. RiverWinds is at 172 Main St.