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October 19, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

Product Launchers wins Best in Biz award

Linda Parry Murphy.

The White Plains sales and marketing company Product Launchers, which also has an office in Manhattan, has received a Best in Biz 2017 award. Best in Biz is an independent business awards program in which journalists select businesses deserving recognition. The 2017 judging panel included representatives of AdWeek, the Associated Press, Forbes, Harvard Business Review and Yahoo Tech, among others. 

Product Launchers received a Silver award in the category “Business Development Department of the Year.”

Linda Parry Murphy, CEO of the company, said, “Several years ago I had the realization that more and more entrepreneurs were seeking help with developing their products, not just marketing them. It is wholly gratifying to see that idea validated and be recognized for it.”

The company has been involved in launching a wide variety of products, including clothing, food and toys such as fidget spinners.

Product Launchers recently launched a division offering business development and sales-generation services.