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October 16, 2019Cart


by Fairfield County Business Journal

Special children learn about a special river

From left: Clearwater’s Tom O’Dowd; student Desmond; and Coleman School music teacher Meghan O’Brien.

Ten young residents of the Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center, who are students at the Yonkers campus of the John A. Coleman School, went on a field trip to the Yonkers Pier on April 13, two days ahead of Earth Day, to learn about the Hudson River.

The Sloop Clearwater’s Tideline Program Director Eli Schloss, was among those introducing the youngsters to Hudson River fish, shoreline artifacts, the history of the river and traditional folk songs. 

Schloss said, “After our program, there is no question that these students, like many, understand that the estuary is a beautiful, diverse place and that we all must take part in protecting and restoring the river.”

Allison Klein, a teacher at the Coleman School, is a longtime volunteer and coordinator of the children’s area at the Clearwater Festival. Klein was named the 2017 NYS Council for Exceptional Children Award Winner for Excellence in Teaching. “This program was another wonderful way to engage our medically complex and technology-dependent children with their community. The Clearwater educators made this experience unforgettable for all of our children through their enthusiasm, creativity and passion,” she said.