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by WAG
by WAG

Nail rehab

Dermelect’s Natural Nail Repair Kit. Photograph courtesy Dermelect.
Dermelect’s Natural Nail Repair Kit. Photograph courtesy Dermelect.

Something about a fresh mani leaves us feeling polished and put together. However, constant manicures leave us with brittle, broken nails, especially when we indulge in gel or acrylic types.

Enter Dermelect’s Natural Nail Repair Kit. Dermelect was kind enough to send us samples of this new product duo, which conveniently arrived just as my two-week-old gel manicure was growing out and needed to be removed. The Natural Nail Repair Kit comes with a base coat and top coat formulated with peptides, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) and other good-for-you ingredients to help strengthen nails that have become weak from wearing gel or acrylic nails.

After removing my gel nails at home (it’s better to go to the salon, but I was desperate to have them off) my nails looked awful. They felt weak and were peeling, but after a few coats of the Transfix Nail Restore Treatment Base Coat they appeared completely restored. Its sheer nude color gives the nails a smooth look and helps to mask any problem areas caused by the gel removal.

I topped them off with a coat of the Expedite Protect + Prolong Treatment Top Coat to add what Dermelect calls a “wet-look” shine and longevity to my manicure. I was left with a natural yet polished manicure, and knowing it would help restore the health of my nails made it that much better.

Dermelect’s Natural Nail Repair Kit retails for $25 at Ulta Beauty and on Dermelect’s website.

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Meghan McSharry