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by WAG
by WAG

‘Revenge’ is a dish best served cold

Book jacket for “Pretty Revenge.” Courtesy Emily Liebert.
Book jacket for “Pretty Revenge.” Courtesy Emily Liebert.

Ah, summertime. We at WAG love the soft season and what it brings, especially the summer reads. There is nothing more relaxing than lounging on your favorite beach, in your favorite chair, in your favorite suit, while having your head stuck in a new book full of twists and turns.

USA Today bestselling author Emily Liebert – and former WAG editor and subject — has given us just that with her new book “Pretty Revenge” launching July 2. Betrayal, revenge, seduction, obsession and retribution…are you intrigued yet?

The book is launching in partnership with KBShimmer, an exclusive nail polish set inspired by the book and the two main characters, Kerrie and Jordan, with the polishes, a bold red and shimmering silver, reflecting the personalities of the girls.

The book will be available on Amazon, in Barnes and Noble as well as on The trade paperback original is $16, but if you’re an e-reader, its $11.99 to download.

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– Olivia D’Amelio