MHS Moon Landing? Even sweeter: Mamaroneck High School students extracted about 100 pounds of honey from beehives this week. Photo Credit: Provided
Slow Down! That's the message to motorists from Greenburgh public school students who are printing, buying and selling these T-shirts. Photo Credit: Provided
Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Reuniendo a Peekskill members, from left to right, Vincent A. Vesce, Lauren Brady, Marlon Mahon and Luis Segarra. Photo Credit: Provided

Around The Towns: Mamaroneck High School Abuzz, 20 MPH T-Shirts, Peekskill Hispanic Celebration

The halls of Mamaroneck High are buzzing with news about beehives.

The Westchester high school's Future Business Leaders of America club launched a first-of-its-kind beekeeping initiative in New York state. They were joined by students from science, engineering and culinary classes this week in extracting about 100 pounds of honey from beehives.

In the spring of 2018, financed by a grant from the Mamaroneck Schools Foundation, several departments at MHS joined forces to become the first public high school in the state to install bee hives on their high school grounds. Engineering students built and painted the hives. The Culinary Arts students began using the honey in class for recipes the students worked on -- in addition to bottling up the excess honey and using as a fundraiser-- and now the Bee Team plans to sell the honey locally and through the school to help fund their club, as well as use excess beeswax to make lip balms, candles and other do-it-yourself projects to sell. 

Future Business Leaders of America students are helping to market, manage funds for the club and strategize for the club’s future. After spending two years caring for and maintaining the hives, about 10 members of the "Bee Team ventured outside for their first major harvesting of honey. They removed about 50 frames from the hives and captured the honey using a large electric extraction machine purchased through the MSF Grant. 

Debbie Manetta, a school spokeswoman, said, "It is exciting because a large number of community members are eagerly awaiting to purchase honey. Our students are gaining so many valuable skills from this hands-on learning experience."  

Among them are collaboration, research, business skills -- related to marketing and selling the honey and other beeswax-based products, versatility and critical thinking, according to Manetta. "And the list goes on."

For additional photos and video of the MHS Bee Team's honey extraction, click here. 

Students to Motorists: 'Slow Down'

Are you concerned about speeding near schools? The Lee F. Jackson School, part of the Greenburgh Central School District, the town of Greenburgh and Xposure after school program plan to involve kindergarten students in the effort to encourage safe driving. Motorists are supposed to drive 20 MPH near schools but many motorists drive faster. 

Xposure Foundation Inc. and the Xposure Greenburgh Afterschool Program are pleased to announce that that they are donating 150 designed and printed T-Shirts featuring the 20 MPH Safe Driving message to children attending the Lee F. Jackson School.

This back to school public safety initiative, featuring the 150 donated printed Safe Driving T-Shirts is a result of the collaborative efforts of Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner, GCSD Superintendent Tahira A. DuPree Chase, Lee F. Jackson Principal Patricia Simone, Lina Amendola and the Xposure Greenburgh Afterschool Program.

“A shared priority on safety underscores our collective focus on the overall well-being of the children of Greenburgh.” DuPree Chase said.

To broaden the reach of the Town of Greenburgh’s Safe Driving campaign, Xposure Foundation Inc. is extending the use of its direct-to-garment printer to print more of the shirts to any school or organization interested. The cost to purchase the printed shirts is a $4 donation per shirt which includes a donation letter. Donations will be used to support the Xposure Greenburgh After-school program. If interested, email Ray Thomas at and write Safe Driving in the Subject line.

Hispanic Heritage Month

"Today marks the launch of Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States, but in truth, Hispanic heritage is proudly at work in this country every day of the year. Hispanic culture has been integral to American culture from the dawn of our nation. We must honor that truth always," Peekskill Together announced this week. 

"Peekskill Together is especially proud of the tremendous contributions that our Latino neighbors make to the Peekskill community day in and day out. This city is more vibrant, industrious, and close-knit because of the many Latino families who have chosen to make Peekskill their home. Peekskill Together joins with all of its neighbors in proudly celebrating 2019 Hispanic Heritage Month, and we redouble our commitment to making Peekskill a single, diverse, and unified community for the betterment of every Peekskill family."