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September 16, 2019Cart


by Westchester County Business Journal

Crystal Run Healthcare to cease health plan operation

Crystal Run Healthcare, which has its administrative headquarters in Middletown, and provides health care services throughout the Hudson Valley and lower Catskill region, has decided to close its Crystal Run Health Plans operations.

Hal Teitelbaum

It has been offering complete plans for health care coverage to individuals as well as group plans for businesses. Crystal Run Healthcare is a multispecialty group practice with approximately 400 physicians in nearly 50 medical specialties. The decision to close its health plans does not affect the medical services offered by Crystal Run Healthcare. The health plans promoted a choice of more than 4,000 providers throughout the Hudson Valley, a wider network than just the physicians within Crystal Run Healthcare.

Crystal Run Health Plan LLC had filed a notice with New York state that layoffs at its health plans office were expected to begin after July 8. It reported 32 total employees with 7 of those to be affected.

In a statement prepared for the Business Journal, Hal Teitelbaum, who is the managing partner and CEO and established Crystal Run Healthcare in 1996, said: “As the leading health care provider in the Hudson Valley region, Crystal Run Healthcare is always evaluating new opportunities to enhance the high-quality care and services we offer to our patients. We launched Crystal Run Health Plans with the goal of delivering higher quality care at lower costs. Unfortunately, like many new plans, the risk adjustment methodology in the Affordable Care Act created an impractical and unsustainable financial obligation for insurers. Accordingly, Crystal Run intends to seek regulatory approval to close its health plans.

“We will continue to honor our commitments to the members and providers of Crystal Run Health Plans as we work with the regulators on a plan of closure. This decision, however, in no way impacts Crystal Run’s medical practice, which continues to grow in the Hudson Valley and lower Catskill region and will continue providing high quality, accessible care to its over 300,000 patients,” Teitelbaum said.