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September 22, 2019Cart


by Westchester County Business Journal

Sabra campaign focuses on vegan guests at summer barbecues

Sabra Dipping Co. of White Plains is heralding the arrival of summer with a promotional campaign designed to assist backyard barbecue hosts who find themselves entertaining vegan guests.

The company’s campaign “The Vegans are Coming” includes the toll free 1-866-Code-Vegan (which will be active through the July 4 holiday weekend) and the website, along with “rescue kits” that include vegan barbecue flatbread recipes and product coupons for the Sabra brand of hummus.

Sabra also recruited celebrities including actors Mayim Bialik and Laverne Cox to participate in offering vegan-friendly food tips. The company cited a survey it conducted that found nearly half of barbecue hosts get nervous when faced with the prospect of vegan guests. In addition, more than half of guests with dietary restrictions admitted to bringing their own food rather than have nothing available to eat.

“Hosts shouldn’t be so stressed about the menu for guests who choose not to eat meat. Rather than trying to substitute a ‘fake burger,’ be proud to serve a crowd-pleasing, vegan, plant-based food like Sabra hummus,” Sabra Chief Marketing Officer Jason Levine said.