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October 13, 2019Cart


by Westchester County Business Journal

BioInc@NYMC in Valhalla to expand to handle more startups

Lab space at BioInc@NYMC in Valhalla.

BioInc@NYMC, the biotechnology incubator at New York Medical College in Valhalla, has announced plans to add 9,500 square feet to its facilities so it can handle more startup companies.

The expansion at BioInc’s 7 Dana Road location on the NYMC campus is expected to be completed in the fall.

“We are filled to capacity and want to meet the growing demand from startups looking for space. That’s what’s driving this expansion,” said Deborah Novick, director of the incubator.  “We are actively seeking new clients now who can move in by early fall when the renovation will be complete.”

In operation for five years, it is the mid-Hudson Valley’s only fully-equipped biotechnology incubator on a health sciences college campus. There currently are nine biomedical startups operating in the center. They employ more than 50 people.

“For nearly five years, BioInc@NYMC has brought exceptionally innovative biomedical startup companies to New York Medical College where they have thrived,” said Salomon Amar, vice president of research at NYMC and provost for biomedical research and chief biomedical research officer for Touro College and University System. “With this expansion, we will now be able to attract more tenants into our incubator, thereby expanding our ability to help promising biotechnology companies achieve success.”

The construction project is going to create eight to 10 offices of varying sizes, a  conference room, new shared-space desks for virtual clients who are not at the biotech site full time, a space for seminars and a kitchen area.

Among the startups currently working within BioInc:

Retia Medical, whose Argos Cardiac Output Monitor received 501(k) approval from the FDA in December 2018.

Sapience Therapeutics, focused on discovering and developing peptide-based therapeutics to previously ‘undruggable’ targets for major unmet medical needs, particularly high mortality cancers.

MediSprout, which has developed a virtual video product, V2MD, a secure, reliable way for a multitude of practitioners to better connect with their existing patients to build relationships and provide ongoing care.

Sweet Defeat, which has developed the only clinically proven natural lozenge that stops sugar cravings in seconds.

Philips Intellispace Genomics, Collaborative computational genomics research activities between Philips Healthcare, NYMC scientists and Westchester Medical Center.

Affina Biotech, Developing a first-in class treatment for late stage ovarian cancer using small hyper-interaction modulators (SHIMs) designed to repair function of mutant p53.

Akeso Therapeutics, Developing a curative therapy for metastatic or refractory/recurrent hematological cancers utilizing T-cells.

DigiTouch Health, A digital health company that will empower anyone to measure their blood pressure with clinical accuracy by pressing a button on a smartphone or other mobile device.

SHY Therapeutics, Developing small molecules as anti-cancer therapeutics for unmet medical needs.

In addition to providing physical facilities,BioInc@NYMC assists its members in refining their business strategies, conserving capital, building strong teams and achieving development and funding milestones. It currently is in a 10,000-square-foot wing of a 129,000-square-foot campus building.

The Harvard Business School was involved in creating the initial business plan for the incubator.